Saturday, 21 April 2007

Fun in Skool

ok, we are in skool in humanities (for those not familiar with the new "better" schooling system, humanities is a combination of english and SOSE) and the teacher comes in and says
"ok guys you are having a spelling test today" (all groan)

ok these 3 tables (including mine) are doing one test the rest are doing another

well our words were........ wait for it...
cat, dog, ten, bat, ect......

Their words:
au revoir
(some expensive liqure)
and so on....

and guess what.. everyone that got 100% got a lollypop... (thats me by the way)

yeah... seem a bit unfair? its supposed to be, we're doing a thing on prejudice and discrimination....
yay for me

Hi pplz

hey people,
I thought I might start a blog because i forgot the password to my website. i will mostly just put random stuff on, but i will regularly include gaming stuff and a gaming help desk (you need help with a game i will find some stuff for you)

Skywalker out

Oh... PS Can someone please tell me... What is the point of life??