Saturday, 18 August 2007

Again: I'm sorry for neglecting you!

Well blog reader people, I'm sorry for neglecting you, but now I will write A LOT!!

First: I have played 3 wheelchair bball games, we won the first by a reasonable margin, the second we lost, but that was expected as the other team is big mean and good and the most recent (in which I scored 10 points) 26 to like 14 or something, I was competing with one of my team mates to see who could get more goals, I won the only got 4 I got 5

Second: I have played 1 able bodies bball. (there have been 2 but I was sick for the first) We absolutely KICKED THEIR ASSES 71 to 24. it was a great game, and they thought they were gonna win. LOL! Anyway... We have a new player, Josh, he's a great player but is used to street and Coen has left (thank god, he was getting to be an *******, always finding something to complain about) so we still have 8 players, and 3 of them (Me, David and Josh) are over 6".

Third: DF has released their Xan updated, you can now defeat him.... Also MechQuest, which i may of may not have previously mentioned is going to release beta testing soon, SOOOO EXCITED!!! Runescape is doing a major revamp and lots of new stuff. I have also finished Ratchet and Clank 3 (Up Your Arsenal) 3 times. I am now onto Halo 2 (which i have borrowed from Thanh.

And Lastly: Please, if there is anything you need (related to gaming, that is) Contact me on

That's all for now, might think of more stuff to post soon but until then

Skywalker out!