Thursday, 24 February 2011

Going down..

Heya all (which I will admit, is probably about, oh... 2 people)

I am now all growed up and living away from home in a shiny (well not-so-shiny now) student apartment block in ADELAIDE (!). This is awesome. My uni is about 10 mins walk away, so I can get to my classes fairly easily. Although looking at my timetable, I don't really want to get to all my classes. I suppose the ridiculous timetable is my fault though, if I hadn't chosen to do a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) it wouldn't be so bad.
Of course, I did get free food during O-Week at the Elec Eng Preliminary thing, so I suppose it isn't all bad.

I have also found a place to play Wheelchair bball down here, and played my first game last Tues. I got blisters and we won; I'm hoping those two are related so that there is a good reason for my hands being wrecked. I also played ultimate, which, I found out, exercises many of the same muscle groups, with the added bonus of using all the muscles in your legs. I am now wishing I had done more exercise during the holidays.

Anyway, I am now getting a bit hungry, so I might go across to AUSSIE PIZZA HOUSE, which is literally right next door, and get some dinner.

Skywalker out!

PS. Oh, btw MissE, you are getting really bad at this posting thing.