Monday, 12 July 2010

Well I'm going into business!

Heya all,
And yes, I am aware that 'all' probably consists of three people, but, Hey, whatever.

I recently realised that I need to make some money, after all, uni looms just beyond the horizon and I have been informed that it a) isn't free and b) my parents aren't just going to keep giving me money. I then asked myself how this is done......

It took a while but I came to the conclusion that I should start my own business. No, really. I am going into the one field that I both enjoy and have experience in: computing.

Yep, I'm starting a website business.

So if you (or anyone you know) wants/needs a website tell them to email me, I'm gonna start with affordable site for personal and small business use, and see what happens from there. Just to show how generous I am, mentions this post and get a DISCOUNT =) Go on, you know you want one.

-Well that's all for this post, later