Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Don't we love books?

Well, I thought I might do a post about books. I seem to have done posts about pretty much everything else that I'm into so I decided to even the field a bit. I love books, Fantasy and Sci-fi are the best but I will read other genres.

Some of my fave Series: Title (no. of books) - Author

The Belgariad (5) - David Eddings
The Mallorean (5) - David Eddings*
The Elenium (3) - David Eddings
The Tamuli (3) - David Eddings^

The Serrano Legacy (7) - Elizabeth Moon

Rangers Apprentice (9, so far) - John Flanagan

Discworld (millions, no not really) - Terry Pratchet

The Starwars books (There are actually millions of these) - Various Authors

Scarecrow series (3 and a mini-book) - Matthew Reily

Jack West series (2 so far, 1 more coming possibly more) - Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly's other books (Contest and Temple)

The Halo books (6) - Various Authors

The Tomorrow series (6?) - John Marsden

The Lord of the Rings (depends who you ask 6, 3 or 1) - JRR Tolken

The Night Angel Trilogy (3) - Brent Weeks**

Chris Ryan's Books (lots)

The various Tamora Peirce series' (14 total I think)

The Max Ride series - James Patterson

Artemis Fowl (6 now, but the first 3 are the best) - Eoin Colfer

The Shadow Wraiths - ME
Oh, don't bother looking in the shops for it yet, I still haven't finished. If you want a copy, watch this blog and I will announce its completion (or failure); you can buy one then.

*This follows on from the Belgariad
^This follows on from the Elenium
**Only just read these and they are the BEST

PS. Please post some of your own faves here, I might get around to reading them eventually ;-)