Saturday, 3 October 2009

Game Review: Evony

I have decided to do a couple of reviews for games I play.

This week we go to one I only started recently: Evony

Evony is a MMO, a massive multiplayer online game. The aim is to build your empire and bring more land under your control. There are, at the moment 82 servers, most of them pretty full, however new servers are being brought out, literally, every day.

The game can run on PCs with quite low specifications, as I can attest. I have a Pentium 3.0GHz processor, 440Mb RAM, 58Mb Graphics and a 56k Internet connection. Evony plays quite well, though with a little lag when I give multiple commands at once.

It is reasonably easy to get started, you just sign up with an email address and you are playing. You begin the game under ‘beginner protection’, a wonderful construct designed to stop you getting raided the moment you appear. It gives you 7 days protection from enemy attacks, meaning you have time to get some basic defences set up. Even for those who are completely new to the game it is fairly easy to pick up, with a few easy quest chains helping you to set up your town straight away.

The actual game play is fairly simple, though can get quite challenging as you build up your town. It gives you the opportunity to attack NPC (non-player character) controlled valleys which will earn you certain bonuses depending on their type; deserts will raise stone production while forests will raise lumber production. This brings a new element into the game: strategy. Should you attack a low level grassland, or a slightly higher level desert, you may get a better reward with the desert, but you may also lose the battle. Another NPC controlled area are the plains: capture these and, if you have enough resources and workers, you can build yourself another city. This is a great opportunity, but can result in difficult decisions: eg. which town to upgrade?

Like most MMOs you can join guilds or ‘alliances’. Personally, I highly recommend getting into an alliance quickly. These alliances are generally helpful and will give plenty of advice to newcomers. Alliances can also become allies, or even declare ‘war’ on each other.

There are only a few points against this game, mostly the long waiting times once you have established your basic town. Level three walls, for instance, take two or three hours to build, and some of the technologies will take just as long. This waiting time is offset by ‘speedup’ scrolls, which cut build time off a structure. These scrolls can be purchased with real world money, or by winning them in the daily lottery.

This game is great for those who can't be playing constantly: you can start building something, shut down your computer and come back in a few hours when it's finished. Those who like more action in their games should perhaps avoid Evony, but this game is perfect for the casual gamer or those fond of strategy.

Rating: 87/100

If anyone else is on Evony visit me at: server 82 (465,416) ROMAGNA, DarthLuke

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


At last.. the holidays have come! It's time for sleep, food, games, sleep, more food, late nights, games... and yeah, more sleep! But, alas, it was not to be...

On mon and tues I worked, today I did assignments (and wrote my book, thanks to my awesome editor, the one with the English Lit Degree, yeah, you... dont get a swelled head.) I still have assignments to do for English, Physics, Specialist and Chem.. yeah, my hols aren't gonna be a huge amount of fun ='(.

On the upside.. my foot is pretty much better (see the post below) and I can play bball again! Woo! Got wheelchair tomorrow, should win.. but you never can tell =).

Anyway.. gtg now, try to post again soon!