Saturday, 7 February 2009

Well I'm Back...... Again

Well I'm back.. I know I haven't posted in a while but I haven't had much to post about.. My life is pretty boring. But I will try to get a decent post of what has happened on the holidays. Item no. 1: The Formal OK, it wasn't actually on the holidays buuut... It deserves at least part of a post. The formal is (for those people who don't know) an end of year event for Year 10s (at O'Loughlin) where all the chicks get dressed up in their best dresses and make up and the guys wear a suit (of equally boring clothes), this at least is unfair. Why cant guys wear different colours?? Any way.. I went with Simone. It was pretty good, the food wasn't bad and we had free drinks all night. ( I will post some pics later)

Here is me in my formal clothes.

Simone and Me

At the back: Surya, Luke, Sam
Front: Tegan, Pryanka (probably got that one wrong), KC, Simone, My head.

Pryanka, KC, and Simone

Amy, Tegan, Simone and KC

Item no. 2: The Great Ocean Road
I will just post heaps of pics now, I will comment whenever it seems necessary.

Our camper Van

Dinner at 'The Barn'

A boat.... no.. Ship

It was as you can see, very windy.. and cold

Yep.. Still Cold.

OK... My internet is going so slowly, I might do more later..