Saturday, 3 November 2007

This is Bob no. 1 The is made of ice, admittedly you don't usually see snowmen up here in darwin but here he is!

Annd in the red corner... We have Bob II

Yes he too is made of ice and yes they are both, sadly, dead

That all folks!

Skywalker out!

Thursday, 11 October 2007


Well, in this blog i don't really have much to say BUT you can go to my joke site: Here
Its a Joke site, i think you can put jokes in, if you can DO IT!! Both me and MissE have commented in it so you better too, unless u are MissE in which case: DO MORE

Skywalker out!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Aint this great...

Well as you may know the Level cap for MechQuest is 3 which means that you can't level up beyond level 3 but as you can probable see from this pic, I have found a glitch.

The little number in the circle is 99 the thing next to that says 'your level'..... yes i did.. somehow have level 99!

Skywalker out!

Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff

Well MechQuest is out if you don't want to go to the side bar Click Here! My character ID is 29834 if you decide you wanna try to kill me. MissE you have to create an account first.

In other news, we still haven't lost a Bball game, but we are playing the team 2nd on the ladder on Friday so we might have a hard time there.

Schools out! I get a WHOLE week, Yippee... no, really. I intend to spend 50% of it either on the Computer: writing stupid post like this one, playing MechQuest or similar; or on the Xbox or PS2. The other 50% will be devoted to eating and sleeping which I seem to have been doing a lot of lately.

Oh.... I almost forgot... Halo 3 id OUT!!....... Unfortunately I don't have an Xbox 360 so there is no point me buying it as I can't play it.... *sob* *sob*

Well thats all really If i think of anything else I will post again. If you have any requests send them to

Skywalker out!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Negelct and Camp!

AGAIN I'm soooo sorry I have been neglecting you, this will (hopefully) be a reasonably long post to make up for it.

Firstly: Camp, We went to Lake Bennett for school camp, about 60 of us were there, 20 guys and 40 girls (yes, we made the most of this) and 3 teachers. There was a number of thing to do on camp. (OK not that much really).

There was Archery (which i excelled at), Rock climbing (at which I didn't excel but did OK at), canoing (at which, with a good partner or a kayak paddle, am am also pretty good). And last of all there was some stupid 'Olympic' thing (OK, not that bad, it included a ginger beer sculling contest)

There were some minor dramas: Steven, Jarred and some other guy got kicked off camp after the first night. They had brought a 3/4 full Listerine bottle of Schnapps and got, well... best not to describe it in full detail.


They got them selves caught and they should have done it on the last day when it doesn't matter if they get kicked out because they are leaving anyway.

Overall I would rate this camp 6 out of 10. Not bad, but Yr 7 camp still is way out in front!

OK, on news slightly closer to home. Bball we have won every game and are getting 2 new players from some other team (now we have 10 players) ) -`: We have also won all of our games for more info go to the DBA website (U 16's div 2: Warriors)

In wheel chair we are doing well, but not perfectly, we have lost a few games, last game we won by 2 points, close game that was, and I got a blister.

OK : this is a list of thing i want:
1: Broadband Unlimited
2: Guild Wars
3: A new graphics card to play Guild Wars (as well as the broadband)
4: Halo 3 and an Xbox 360 to play it on.
5: A million dollars while I'm at it.....
Well thats all folks!

Skywalker out!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Again: I'm sorry for neglecting you!

Well blog reader people, I'm sorry for neglecting you, but now I will write A LOT!!

First: I have played 3 wheelchair bball games, we won the first by a reasonable margin, the second we lost, but that was expected as the other team is big mean and good and the most recent (in which I scored 10 points) 26 to like 14 or something, I was competing with one of my team mates to see who could get more goals, I won the only got 4 I got 5

Second: I have played 1 able bodies bball. (there have been 2 but I was sick for the first) We absolutely KICKED THEIR ASSES 71 to 24. it was a great game, and they thought they were gonna win. LOL! Anyway... We have a new player, Josh, he's a great player but is used to street and Coen has left (thank god, he was getting to be an *******, always finding something to complain about) so we still have 8 players, and 3 of them (Me, David and Josh) are over 6".

Third: DF has released their Xan updated, you can now defeat him.... Also MechQuest, which i may of may not have previously mentioned is going to release beta testing soon, SOOOO EXCITED!!! Runescape is doing a major revamp and lots of new stuff. I have also finished Ratchet and Clank 3 (Up Your Arsenal) 3 times. I am now onto Halo 2 (which i have borrowed from Thanh.

And Lastly: Please, if there is anything you need (related to gaming, that is) Contact me on

That's all for now, might think of more stuff to post soon but until then

Skywalker out!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Im back!

This post has no particular topic at the moment (i might go on to a rant somewhere in it) but I figured you people would miss me so I'm back!
Things that are happening:
MechQuest pre-registration and (Soon) beta testing
Dragonfable dragon events
lots of games being downloaded by me so that you can play them!

O well I can't think of anything else to talk about adios!

Skywalker out!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I'm so sorry...
I have been neglecting you.
I, like VSquared, am easily distracted; this time it was Morrowind and KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic, its a StarWars game, not bad either)

Morrowind is a massive RPG in which you can do (literally) thousands of things, quests, guilds, adventuring, etc etc. it is rather large and so it distracted me for (again literally) days on end.

I shall post again soon but I have to go see Oceans 13 in a few mins.

Skywalker out!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Another game for ye masses

*sirens* Alert, Alert,
The games have been moved...
Go see the post below to find them..

Skywalker out!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Some Stress Relief


"Alert Alert"

The games have been moved To:,
if you value ur d/l thank me..
if not.. GO THERE!

Skywalker out!

Friday, 11 May 2007

NT Rep!!

Oh yes, that's me selected for the NT team for wheelchair.

We played a game against Kuwait (better than they sound) and I was the 2nd highest scorer on the NT team (the highest goes to the same skool as me)

The end score was 64 - 8 how good is that!!!!!

We lost by less than 70 points!!! YAY

I scored 2 (and I'm one of the 2 youngest people in the team)

I am just too good.

Skywalker out! (before I get a swelled head)

Gamez, Gamez and more Gamez

Desktop TD (the idea has been taken from Warcraft 3 and Starcraft)
This is a great (and sometimes addictive) game. Full marks

Desktop Tower Defense Save your desktop from invading creeps.

Skygolf. Good mini golf game set somewhere up in the clouds.

Sky Golf Miniature Golf course floating among the clouds.

Micro Tanks. Interesting, if repetitive, game that has a fair few levels.

Micro Tanks Game Retro style tank battle.

That's all I have time for today but MORE SOON!!

Skywalker out!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Good gamez

hey People

When ever I find a kool net game I will put in a link to it (like the one below....)
So that all you people out there can share my joy......

Skywalker out

Tower defence tryout

Flash Circle TD Tower Defense game.

Hey just posting this to see if it works...

Skywalker out

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Be aware of the crazy psycho teacher!!

Mr O'Donahue is a psycho killer, I swear..

OK we are in class and we behaving normally (like little ****s for the most part) but perhaps better that normal.

So he set us some work and most of us finished pretty quickly, and said ok, what do we do now?..... he said just wait for the others.

ok Holtham put up his hand and asks for help with question 4 and Mr OD just goes nuts


But that's not all....

We all finish and say so but he just ignores us so we just star talking quietly (by quietly i mean we could be heard from across the school, but quieter than we normally are), he looks up and Mickie had been talking to Fletcher or someone and was going back to his seat Mr OD got up and when Mickie sits down he goes and yells at him

"How dare you get out of you seat without my permission! 1 more thing are you're going straight to the office"

Then he, WAIT FOR IT!, throws Mickie's book halfway across the room (making all the loose pieces of paper fall put. Then when Mickie went to get them Mr OD shoves him back down and full-on slams the desk into Mickie's chest.

All this time Mickie had been protesting and saying "I'm not allowed to come up to your desk and start throwing your stuff around, you can do that either"

Eventually the bell went (that is after about a dozen people got sent to the office) and we escaped.

Skywalker Out.

PS. he has an eyebrow problem... they keep twitching when he talks and when he gets annoyed

Thursday, 26 April 2007

The HelpDesk

The HelpDesk

Hey people this is the gamers helpdesk. if you need help (or cheats) with a game then just comment, and leave the games name and (if you want) an email address, if you don't supply and email address I will just put a post.

Skywalker out


Why didn't anyone warm me to wear gloves while playing wheelchair basketball?!?!

My hands got metal burn..... (does that exist?)... any way..
My hands are sore...

Skywalker out

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Fun in Skool

ok, we are in skool in humanities (for those not familiar with the new "better" schooling system, humanities is a combination of english and SOSE) and the teacher comes in and says
"ok guys you are having a spelling test today" (all groan)

ok these 3 tables (including mine) are doing one test the rest are doing another

well our words were........ wait for it...
cat, dog, ten, bat, ect......

Their words:
au revoir
(some expensive liqure)
and so on....

and guess what.. everyone that got 100% got a lollypop... (thats me by the way)

yeah... seem a bit unfair? its supposed to be, we're doing a thing on prejudice and discrimination....
yay for me

Hi pplz

hey people,
I thought I might start a blog because i forgot the password to my website. i will mostly just put random stuff on, but i will regularly include gaming stuff and a gaming help desk (you need help with a game i will find some stuff for you)

Skywalker out

Oh... PS Can someone please tell me... What is the point of life??