Thursday, 3 May 2007

Be aware of the crazy psycho teacher!!

Mr O'Donahue is a psycho killer, I swear..

OK we are in class and we behaving normally (like little ****s for the most part) but perhaps better that normal.

So he set us some work and most of us finished pretty quickly, and said ok, what do we do now?..... he said just wait for the others.

ok Holtham put up his hand and asks for help with question 4 and Mr OD just goes nuts


But that's not all....

We all finish and say so but he just ignores us so we just star talking quietly (by quietly i mean we could be heard from across the school, but quieter than we normally are), he looks up and Mickie had been talking to Fletcher or someone and was going back to his seat Mr OD got up and when Mickie sits down he goes and yells at him

"How dare you get out of you seat without my permission! 1 more thing are you're going straight to the office"

Then he, WAIT FOR IT!, throws Mickie's book halfway across the room (making all the loose pieces of paper fall put. Then when Mickie went to get them Mr OD shoves him back down and full-on slams the desk into Mickie's chest.

All this time Mickie had been protesting and saying "I'm not allowed to come up to your desk and start throwing your stuff around, you can do that either"

Eventually the bell went (that is after about a dozen people got sent to the office) and we escaped.

Skywalker Out.

PS. he has an eyebrow problem... they keep twitching when he talks and when he gets annoyed


Missy said...

dude i think he has an anger problem.

ooh more funny was when mr cochrane slammed the ruler into the whiteboard so hard that jesus fell down. haha!

Skywalker said...

last year Mr waters slammed the door so hard it shattered (not completely just spider webbed

obi-1-kenobi said...

hello skywalker ths a fellow class member and i think the mr OD is the wierdest,creepiest and most freakiest of all teachers

P.S. i think he is a stalker

obi-1-kenobi said...

oh and it was mickys book that was thrown across the room.

bob_the_builder_on_pot said...


bob_the_builder_on_pot said...

my techer sais if i getz a brain or 4 i mite learn sumfink