Friday, 11 May 2007

NT Rep!!

Oh yes, that's me selected for the NT team for wheelchair.

We played a game against Kuwait (better than they sound) and I was the 2nd highest scorer on the NT team (the highest goes to the same skool as me)

The end score was 64 - 8 how good is that!!!!!

We lost by less than 70 points!!! YAY

I scored 2 (and I'm one of the 2 youngest people in the team)

I am just too good.

Skywalker out! (before I get a swelled head)


Missy said...

whoo!!! congrats! that is awesome! nt rep. well done. and you scored! i want pics!

obi-1-kenobi said...

yes i agree well done but i think that u should have payed the ref so u could loos by less thn 50 points but oh well