Saturday, 18 August 2007

Again: I'm sorry for neglecting you!

Well blog reader people, I'm sorry for neglecting you, but now I will write A LOT!!

First: I have played 3 wheelchair bball games, we won the first by a reasonable margin, the second we lost, but that was expected as the other team is big mean and good and the most recent (in which I scored 10 points) 26 to like 14 or something, I was competing with one of my team mates to see who could get more goals, I won the only got 4 I got 5

Second: I have played 1 able bodies bball. (there have been 2 but I was sick for the first) We absolutely KICKED THEIR ASSES 71 to 24. it was a great game, and they thought they were gonna win. LOL! Anyway... We have a new player, Josh, he's a great player but is used to street and Coen has left (thank god, he was getting to be an *******, always finding something to complain about) so we still have 8 players, and 3 of them (Me, David and Josh) are over 6".

Third: DF has released their Xan updated, you can now defeat him.... Also MechQuest, which i may of may not have previously mentioned is going to release beta testing soon, SOOOO EXCITED!!! Runescape is doing a major revamp and lots of new stuff. I have also finished Ratchet and Clank 3 (Up Your Arsenal) 3 times. I am now onto Halo 2 (which i have borrowed from Thanh.

And Lastly: Please, if there is anything you need (related to gaming, that is) Contact me on

That's all for now, might think of more stuff to post soon but until then

Skywalker out!


Missy said...

first: i want to play wheelchair. i think it would be heaps fun. and i would for sure get more than 5 goals. :P

second: i am playing soccer now. i kick arse. hahahahaha. aw i like coen. bye coen. height isn't everything short-arse.

third: do not care.

lastly: you can get me a million dollars and twenty completed assignments. oh and i still dont care.

thank you and good night.

Skywalker said...

ok, firstly... you dot know how hard wheelie is,

second: Coen was ok when u were here but then he turned into a ******* *******.

Third:you dont care, WHY NOT?!?!?


Anonymous said...

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