Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Im Doomeedd!

I have to go back to skool tomorrow. Does anyone else thing that is unfair??? Oh well.. I guess I can't change it... Unless a cyclone forms just off the coast later today... but I have to admit, that would be pretty unlikely.... Very unlikely..... OK... The chances of that happening are about... 1 to 99999999999 oh well...

In other news Mechquest has just released dozens of updates You should go there now.
Or even Runescape they have been doing a fair bit too

But if you don't want to I guess you might want to stay here and read my brilliant Blog posts

Skywalker out!

PS. MissE I am still having a little trouble with Dreamweaver... Got any advice?

1 comment:

Missy said...

Is it crazy that I had fun helping other people shop for school stuff? Yep, it's crazy.

Good luck with the cyclone. Send it my way when you're done with it mkay?

You have to ... weave ... a bit ... dreamier? I don't know. Email me.