Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Aren't we lucky?

Well as it turns out our English teachers at school have decided that they want us to write a short thing about Odyssey. What it was like etc.. Now it occured to me that I have already done this, (if you look 2 posts down) so I don't really need to do anything except shorten it and add pictures. YAY!

And in other news:

Basketball is going back this Monday, first game is 8:30, this means I can't do U. Frisbee =`(, ah well.

Im doing Maths Specialist at school this semester. It's for those people who are really smart and want to become engineers.

I bought the Age of Empires gold edition. It comes with AoE 1, 2 and their expantion packs.

Not much else to tell,
Skywalker Out!

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