Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm Special..

Or at least, a Specialist. Well we are into semester two now and we got the chance to change around out subjects. They decide to offer Specialist maths for those who wanted it (For year 11s its a semester, not a year long, course.). Specialist maths is an extension on ordinary maths for those who want to become engineers. It is, I imagine, very difficult. To take it I had to drop IT, but that's okay as I wasn't learning anything anyway.

On other news: We had our first Basketball game last Monday and we brushed Ansett aside 36 - 20. And they were the good Ansett. Ah well, lets just hope we can keep it up. we also have a new player.... whose name I can't remember.. oops, ah well, I will correct that when I remember it.
Edit: Daniel

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