Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gotta love the D20

Recently I bought The Bag of Holding laptop bag ('cause I'm getting a laptop, duh) from ThinkGeek - awesome site - and it arrived very fast (9 days from ordering -> shipping monkeys -> Australia -> me). It was then that I made the amazing discovery; It's bigger on the inside. I decided to test it out a bit, and put pretty much everything except the kitchen sink in there (well, not quite, but all my school stuff + anything I could lay my hands on). I eventually stopped because I ran out of things that would fit through the opening... Oh well, lets just assume that it is infinite in size.

Here is a pic of the pile of things I managed to fit into The Bag of Holding (and a photo of TBoH)

Anyway, just in case you are interested, this is the list of things that went into The Bag of Holding:

Chemistry Essentials Textbook
Chemistry Essentials Test and Exam pack
Physics Essentials Textbook
Physics Essentials Test and Exam pack
2 x 320 page exercise books
Maths Studies Test and Exam pack
Maths Specialist Test and Exam pack
Powerade (well its empty in the photo, you didn't expect me not to drink it, did you?)
320GB external hard drive
2x USBs
Mobile phone
Pencil case
Graphics calculator
2x Magic the Gathering decks (Green/Black and Black/White, in case anyone is interested)
150+ random sheets of paper
And a zombie invasion book.

Wow, that list was slightly longer than expected...
On other news, I am now into my final exams for high school, joy.
Had English on monday, Physics today (which I annihilated), got Maths Studies on Thurs, then Chem and Specialist next week. THEN I'M FREE!!!

Well, that's all for now, I suppose I had better go and pretend to study.

Skywalker out!


D.B. Echo said...

Just be careful not to put a Portable Hole in your Bag of Holding, or you may create a dimensional tear in the fabric of the universe.

Skywalker said...

Hmm, I hadn't considered the dangers involved in owning a Bag of Holding...

I may have to be careful in the future.

Missy said...

The Bag does actually look pretty cool. And man, that is a lot of stuff. No hat-stand?

PS: Now go study with all those book!