Monday, 15 February 2010

Well at lest I'm not as bad as MissE

I'm back, after a (I will admit) ridiculously long wait between posts. I have seemed to have a lot to do, Just started year 12 (final year of high school (secondary school) for all those strange foreigners who may be reading =P), just started basketball (both able-bodies and disabled), created and website and am now administrating it and I went on a school retreat to Lake Bennett last week (And yes, I do realise that that will mean almost nothing to most people.).

So anyway.. yeah, that's about my life at the moment, school, bball and blogging. Nice lol.

Oh, and CoD: Modern Warfare 2. I won't start on this, because if I do, there is a good chance I will rave for hours, not only on my own awesomeness but also on how much I am addicted to that game.

So that's me,
Skywalker out!

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